Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dr.M.S.Ganesh - Limb Salvage Surgery - Bone Tumors

Abnormal growth found in bone would cause bone tumors. Bone tumors are rare malignancies but usually occur in very young age (15 -35 yrs) seriously affecting life. This is the prime age where patient’s productive life and family life are affected. 

Till few decades back the primary treatment modality was amputation of the limb and still most people used to die because of recurrence of disease in areas like lung and liver. With introduction of chemotherapy and availability of superior prosthetic equipment, one can avoid amputation and provide a functional limb at the same time completely eradicating the disease as well. We are regularly carrying out limb salvage surgery for malignant and benign bone tumors at our Institute.  In fact, Vydehi Institute of Oncology is one of the very few Medical institutes in Karnataka who are performing such surgeries. We have performed a total of 17 cases over a period of 3 years with excellent results.  We are equipped to provide comprehensive treatment for all kinds of bone tumors.

Prospective patients may contact at our dedicated helpline no: 8147204661 for more details

Dr. M. S. Ganesh
Head of Oncology Service 
080-41663864/9902070749 /   

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